Saturday, December 6, 2014


OH NO! (1pts)
It’s OK (2pts)
Must Use
Sign me up! (3pts)
Learning Target Goal
Students can not  unable to use this tool to meet their learning target
Students can see how this tool can be used to meet their learning target
This tool is transparent and students can clearly see how this tool is used and can apply it to their learning
User-Friendly Design
Students have a hard time navigating through the tool and can not easily find what they need
Students can navigate through the tool but have difficulty finding useful tools
Students can easily navigate through tool
Access (Free or Paid)
Communication tool is too expensive and not worth the benefit of the tool and/or is not accessible to students and teachers
Communication tool requires small monthly fee that is worth the use and benefit of the tool and/or easily accessible to students and teachers
Communication tool is free and/or easily accessible to students and teachers
There is no way to accommodate or differentiate for all learners
This tool could be differentiated for a few types of learners
There are many ways this tool could be adapted for all learners
Student Motivation
Students are not/would not be motivated to interact using this tool
Some/few students may be  interested in using this tool
Students are excited to use this tool to interact and communicate
Timely Communication/ Feedback
Communication stream is not easily followed and takes too much practice to learn to be useful
Communication stream may be difficult to follow and manage, or managing feedback is not easily done in a timely manner
Communication stream is easy to follow and access quickly to keep feedback timely
Trackable User Work Record
Student work is not archived or able to be tracked.  There is no way to easily see what each member has contributed.
Student work may be archived
individual student contributions may be determined
Student work is easily tracked and individual contributions are clearly and easily determined.
Tool is only available for one or two browser platforms
Tool is available in some browsers and/or devices
Tool is easily used on multiple or all available browsers, mobile devices, and computers
Age Appropriate
Tool is not appropriate for the target age group, either too simplified or too complex
Tool may need to be adapted to fit the target age group
Tool is appropriate for the target age group
Monitoring Capability
Teacher has no means to monitor and remove inappropriate content or comment
Teacher may not be able to monitor, or
may not be able to remove inappropriate content
Teacher is easily able to monitor user interaction for appropriateness

Kahoot is a tool for students to be interactive and participate in a quiz like game. Teachers can search for games to play with their class or create their own interactive game for students. I gave this tool a 23 out of 30 because it could use a few more ways to accommodate for all learners such as, adding audio options to read answers and it is also hard for younger students to type in the code for Kahoot and read the questions and answers without guidance. Also, there is no ability to track student learning by recording student answers and who submitted which answer. Kahoot is only available in website form and not available in an app form. With a few changes this tool could really be a useful and effective tool in the classroom for all ages. In upper elementary and high school Kahoot is an engaging tool for students!


  1. If you download the score report at the end of the Kahoot it will show a detailed report of the entire quiz, including what each student answered on each question. Hope this helps!

  2. I love using Kahoots with our students in Upward Bound! We use it to go over our program rules from our summer handbook! It is interactive and students LOVE using it! Not only do they love it, we as staff enjoy the fact that they have an understanding of the rules and policies. :-)